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Damiao Serafim
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Our story

We are a furniture design studio focused on ultra-modern, bespoke furniture design. Our furniture designs aim to disrupt the conformity of primitive shapes and to modernise with art, texture and colour. Our furniture is seen as pieces of art that articulate the space they are set in.

Our mission

Design, create and deliver modern high-end furniture that is high quality and new to the eye in design, colour and art.

Furniture should portray an art piece in your home. Moreover, our furniture is a complete new age look to furniture that is a collaboration of the artist, user and the purchaser.

Our designs change the way we see furniture in the space we live. It is a piece of creative design that changes the way we view the space around it (create a presence). It should not just be square or circle in the middle of room. Above all, we want to connect artists and individuals to showcase their artistry on our furniture designs and ARTiculate their style.

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How it began

It began when a chair my grandfather carved arrived, and a decision made to modernise it – a change of frame colour and a change of upholstery with artwork on the seat.

Displaying artwork on furniture creates visual interest and showcasing it was intriguing and looked really cool.

Furniture design was always a passion. My grandfather, Damiao Serafim “Lolly” Ribeiro, was considered one of the best carpenters in the country. For instance, his works were works of pure art and tradesmanship, carving anything out of wood from realistic roses to highly detailed figures or objects wrapped around a table leg and many more. His pieces are timeless and classical, and have been moulded for the future use of manufacturing classical furniture.

Still very intrigued, I began the journey into furniture and product design.  I found myself designing modern and unique designs that could find a market of artists and collaborators. This is what brings my love of furniture and art together – connecting them both.

And so the love continues …. We love the designs with the combination of art, colour and furniture design.

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