Frequently asked questions

We hope we have answered all your FAQs? If not, please contact us and we will get back to you. We are always looking to add to the FAQs to help improve your experience.


Yes you can. We have pre-selected variations you can choose from and purchase. If you would like to send us a colour please contact us.
Yes you can. Artwork has to be provided at 300 dpi in raster format or in vector format at actual size. We will send you a template to guide your positioning of the artwork. If you purchase artwork please be sure to check it may be used commercially or for private use. We cannot be held responsible for any copyright infringements. Please contact us if you would like to add your own artwork. We are also offering artists a reseller option to sell our furniture with your artwork on.
A damp cloth, but not soaking wet will be ok. Please do not not use any chemicals or cleaning spray and cleaning lotions. This could cause the paint work to fade or possible damage to the paint work or vinyl used for artwork components. Clean immediately if anything has been spilt on the furniture.
We strive to keep our customers happy and loving our products. If you want to return a product please contact us and will assist you with the process.


We will be offering a full interior design service focusing on residential. If you do have interior design queries or would like us to consult please contact us. We also specialise in luxury wall units. Please see details on our home page.


All furniture is custom made to order. Our lead time is 4 - 6 weeks for manufacture and delivery lead time is dependent on location. You will be sent a tracking number once your order has been dispatched.
We ship nationwide. International shipping varies in terms of volume, shipping method and destination. Please contact us to make arrangements.


If you do have your own artwork and would like to become a reseller of our furniture with your artwork please contact us or see more information. If you have a showroom and would like to have our furniture in your showroom we do offer reseller rates. Please get in touch to get rates.
If you are an artist and have your own artwork you would like on our furniture please contact us with a link to your portfolio. You can also supply us with artwork at 300 dpi in vector or raster format at actual size. We can send you the template to check that aspect and ratio is correct at 300 dpi before sending back to us. If you like an artist and would like their artwork on the furniture please make sure that you have purchased the artwork and are allowed to use the artwork for commercial or private use. We cannot be responsible for any copyright infringements. Please comply with our terms and conditions. If you do have your own artwork and would like to become a reseller of our furniture with your artwork please contact us or see more information.


Yes you can. Canvassier offers easy and safe payment methods to pay. PayFlexYou can buy furniture on credit if you pay with PayFlex. Shop now. Pay in 4 interest-free payments. MobicredThe smarter way to pay for what you want today! One monthly instalment for all your spending. Buy Now. Pay Later with Mobicred. SCodeThe smart, quick & secure way to pay! Whoever said you need a credit card to shop online? Let’s face it – not all customers have credit or debit cards, and this is often what stops them from shopping online. SCode Online is a dynamic payment platform that’s built into your website, and enables your customers to pay for their online purchase by simply walking into one of over 6 000 retail payment outlets, presenting the invoice, and settling the payment – done and dusted!Credit card/Debit cardWe also accept credit card payments (Visa/Mastercard).
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