Are you a creative?

Resellers and Artists

Attention resellers and artists. Become a reseller and get your art out there. We are open to resellers and artists for collaborations so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sell your artwork through our furniture designs and let’s create a community that showcases our talent together. Firstly, please be sure to comply with our terms and conditions in that you render all your artwork as your own. Secondly, please ensure that the artwork has been purchased from the artist/supplier and may be used for commercial use as a reseller.

We will unfortunately not be responsible for any artwork or design/s that are not yours. Be fair and respectful and let’s form a creative community through furniture design and art.

If you have a showroom and would like to have our furniture in your showroom we do offer reseller rates. Please get in touch to get rates. Follow us on Instagram  and Facebook and checkout our amazing furniture.